Volunteer update and Activities: January 2022

Happy New Year to all our volunteers and Friends of Waterloo Seafront Gardens.
I’ve just totted up the figures, and we spent a massive 185 hours litter picking and 127 hours gardening in 2021 – not bad considering we didn’t get started until April because of lockdowns.  I know the figures would be even higher if we counted all the “unofficial” hours that individuals put in on their own.  
In December we had eight litter pickers in Crescent Garden, and at our Tuesday gardening session three of us continued to work on cutting back the grass edges.
From now on, all our Saturday sessions will be joint Litter Picking and Gardening and this month we will be meeting on Saturday 8th January between 10.30am and 11.30am in Adelaide Garden.  
Our gardening sessions will take place on Tuesday 11th January at 9.30am and Wednesday 26th January at 1.00pm – meeting outside our lock-up next to the cafe.  If you would prefer to litter pick instead, we’ll have access to all our equipment, so please do join us!!
Over the weekend of 5th/6th February we are hoping to get together a working party to clear out the pond in Beach Lawn.  This will be in conjunction with Green Sefton, and the aim is to clear it before the newts start to breed in the Spring.  We’ll be putting a call out for helpers via our newsletter and Facebook nearer the time, but if you know of any groups of strong people who would like to help, please get in touch.
We are also looking to borrow a “root slayer spade” or a peat cutter (!) to try out in the pond.  Do you have either of these lurking in a shed/garage? We know from past experience that there is a very thick mat of roots throughout the pond that is difficult to cut through, and if we can find some equipment that will work effectively, we would be happy to spend some of our funds to buy a couple, but would prefer to try them out first!   
Looking forward to seeing you in the Gardens in 2022,
Best wishes, 
Janet Markland
Friends of Waterloo Seafront Gardens

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