Volunteer update and Activities: December 2022

Thank you to everyone who has come along to help us in the Waterloo Seafront Gardens during 2022.
We had 12 volunteers at our November litter pick in Marine Garden, when we were also able to spread out along the roadside, Crescent Garden and the field by the Lakeside Centre.  A few of us also worked on weeding the rockery.
At our weekday gardening sessions we had 10 volunteers and continued to work on cutting back the grass along the path edges.  The paths we have completed are looking really good, and we get lots of compliments while we’re working (and on our Facebook posts) – it’s not technical work, so please do come along and join us if you can spare the time.
Seven of us continued to work on clearing the stream in Beach Lawn at our Sunday gardening session.  One of our volunteers has been picking away at it daily over the last few weeks and this has also made a real difference.  Most of the smaller ponds in the stream now have clear water in them, rather than being full of reeds, and much of the remaining work will be to clear the mud and roots from amongst the grooves in the rocks, remove some invasive trees and bushes and cut back reeds from around the grass edges of the pond.  We’re in the process of organising a small mechanical digger to come in February to remove more of the reeds and bullrushes from the pond and will be organising another weekend “blitz” once the digger has done its work.  Watch this space for dates!
We had a successful AGM on 24th November, and after looking at each of the five Seafront Gardens, came up with lots of suggestions for future projects to work on in.  
Our Litter Pick this month will take place on Saturday 10th December between 10.30am and 11.30am in Crescent Garden.  Some of us will be gardening too if you’d rather do that.
We will have just one gardening session this month, taking place on Tuesday 13th December at 9.30am, meeting at our lock-up next to the cafe. 
With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,
Janet Markland
Friends of Waterloo Seafront Gardens