Volunteer update and Activities: February 2023

Thank you to everyone who came to volunteer in the Seafront Gardens during January.

We had fourteen at our Litter Pick in Adelaide Garden, which meant that we were also able to spread out into Beach Lawn and Crescent Garden.  Sadly, we had to cancel our Tuesday morning session as the weather was very wet and windy.

On Tuesday 24th January we were pleased to be able to get a mini digger (with operator) into Beach Lawn to work on clearing the worst of the overgrown reeds and bulrushes out of the pond.  Committee members were present during the day to act as stewards, keeping visitors and dogs away from the working area and we were pleased with the amount that was cleared, especially the very deep and difficult area in the middle of the pond that defeated us last year when we were working by hand!  Some areas of rushes etc. have been left in the pond, along with water lilies, iris and marsh marigolds.  All the debris has been left at the pond edge so that wildlife can return to the water.  The debris will be removed by Green Sefton.

At our Wednesday volunteer session the following day, the weather was wet, but four of us removed litter and rubbish from the pond debris.

To continue our work on the Beach Lawn pond, over the weekend of 4th/5th February we plan to have two working parties, both starting at 1.30pm.  There are some areas the digger couldn’t reach because the sloping pond edges meant it couldn’t get close enough, so we would like to clear some more of the reeds by hand, especially in the area around the larger of the islands.  Tools will be provided, but please wear suitable clothing, especially wellies (or waders!).  Hot drinks and chocolate biscuits will also be available!!

Our regular volunteer sessions this month will take place on:

Saturday 11th February at 10.30am – Litter Picking in Beach Lawn;
Tuesday 14th February at 9.30am – meeting at our lock up next to the cafe;
Sunday 19th February at 2.00pm – meeting in Beach Lawn; and
Wednesday 22nd February at 1.00pm – meeting at our lock up next to the cafe.

Gardening and litter picking equipment will be provided, as well as refreshments.

Looking forward to seeing you in February,

Best wishes,

Janet Markland
Friends of Waterloo Seafront Gardens