Volunteer update and Activities: August 2023

Thank you to everyone who has helped in the Waterloo Seafront Gardens during July.

We had 17 at our litter pick in Adelaide Garden, when we were pleased to welcome three new “pickers”.  We were able to spread out to litter pick in the other Gardens, and along the roadside, and a couple of us worked on weeding and tidying the round central bed. 

We had six volunteers at our two gardening sessions when we finally made it to the end of the main top path in Crescent Garden, and have started working on the other paths that link down to the bottom path.  Unfortunately we had to cancel our Wednesday evening session because of the rain.

We were pleased to be joined by 5 members from the Plant Health Agency who came to do a day of volunteer work.  They did an excellent job of weeding and edging two corner beds in Crescent, and also did some more path edging.

Our volunteer sessions in August will take place on the following dates:
Saturday 12th – Litter Picking in the Children’s Play Park meeting at 10.30am near the play area.
Tuesday 8th – Gardening or Litter Picking meeting at 9.30am. 
Sunday 20th – Gardening or Litter Picking meeting at 2.00pm.
Wednesday 23rd – Gardening or Litter Picking at 7.00pm – all meeting at our lock-up next to the cafe.
Our Autumn Festival this year will take place on Saturday 16th September in Marine Garden – watch out for more details coming over the next few weeks! 
Best wishes,
Janet Markland
Friends of Waterloo Seafront Gardens